Things to Do in Utah This Summer

Home to tons of great attractions and some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever witness, Utah is a great place to spend your summers. Whether you’re a Utah resident or planning the perfect summer getaway, check out these fun and exciting activities in Utah from resident Robert Lammle.

  • Utah Arts Festival – Since its debut in 1977, the Utah Arts Festival has expanded into a 4-day event drawing over 80,000 attendees, 140+ visual artists, 100+ performing and arts groups and 18+ culinary artists. The event is held each June in downtown Salt Lake City at Library and Washington Squares. The art festival is the largest outdoor multi-disciplinary arts event in the state and has reaped countless awards internationally, nationally and locally. If you’ll be in the Salt Lake City area, it’s a must-see event!
  • Hiking – Utah has thousands of miles of great hiking trails. Some trails are suited for multi-day backpacking, while others are geared for a single day of adventure. Utah’s hiking trails overlook the state’s magnificent landscape and bountiful wildlife. Some great places to hike are Zion National Park, Bridal Veil Falls, and Bald Mountain.
  • Golfing – If you’re a golfer like Robert Lammle, you have to spend at least one day golfing at one of Utah’s world-class courses. There are about 120 golf courses throughout the state, which overlook Utah’s spectacular landscapes.
  • Fishing – There are over 1,000 fishable lakes and many fishing streams in Utah. Here you can catch rainbow, trout, striped bass, large mackinaw, walleye, and bluegill, among many other aquatic species while enjoying Utah’s unique and beautiful scenery.

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