Pace of Play

Whether or not you’re a professional golfer, slow pace of play on the golf course can be frustrating. In fact, golfers identified slow pace of play as the main factor that takes the fun out of the game. Fifty-percent said slow play has led them to walk off the golf course in frustration.

According to golf enthusiast Robert Lammle, an 18-hole course should take no longer than 4 hours. To meet that standard, golfers must be prepared to take their hit once it’s their turn. This doesn’t mean they should rush their shot, but they should take advantage of their waiting time to plan their next hit.

Follow these tips for improving pace of play on the golf course:

  • Play with the right tees – To ensure a brisk pace and more enjoyable game, use the correct tees for your skill level. If you use the wrong tees, you’ll add strokes and time to your game, which can jam up those playing behind you.
  • Gauge your pace – Reference the groups in front and behind you to gauge your pace of play. If the players ahead of you are moving to the next hole, then you should pick up the pace. There shouldn’t be an empty hole between two groups. It’s best to take your hit within 20 seconds of getting to your tee. While you wait for your turn, you should be planning your next shot.
  • Avoid traveling as a pack – Do not walk with other members of your group to their balls. To save time, you should walk right to your ball. When you use a golf cart, drop each player off at his/her ball. Once they take a hit, they should walk to the cart.

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