Robert Lammle

Robert Lammle is an experienced, well-known pharmacist working in Utah. But when he’s not helping his clients, you can find him on the golf course. There are many reasons why Lammle loves golf. A sport that combines confidence and competence, golf requires patience, practice, time, and commitment. It’s an individualized sport that’s suitable for all ages and skill levels and enhances players’ mental, social, and physical lives.

Mental – Unlike sports like football, soccer, or baseball, how someone performs in the game of golf depends solely on the individual. It requires individuals to focus on their technique and concentration to perform well. Because it’s not a team sport, individuals can move at their own pace. It’s therapeutic and a stress reliever. During the 4 hours golfers spend walking around the massive course, they get great exercise and experience the beautiful landscape. Golfers take in the fresh air, picturesque scenery, the water and many types of wildlife, which is calming and therapeutic. Golf improves mental health by boosting players’ self-confidence and increasing their ability to remain calm under pressure and to think strategically.

Social – Golf is great for building strong relationships. Because of the handicap system, people with different skill levels can compete with one another. This makes the game more enjoyable and perfect for playing with friends, family members, colleagues, and clients. During the 4 hours spent on the golf course, there’s plenty of time to chat between holes. People learn more about their business partners and friends on the golf course. Also if the course is crowded people who show up alone can get paired up with another group and make new friends.

Physical – Though golf doesn’t require running miles on end or strenuous muscle building, it still provides great exercise. Walking around the vast course walking four 4 hours (and carrying heavy equipment if you don’t have a golf cart or caddy) burns calories. Those who play golf are said to have lower cholesterol and lower risk of heart disease.